Grand Callamand vineyard and grapes

A vineyard which is the expression of terroir

* Cover 22 hectares of the land
* 2/3 in A.O.C. Luberon
* 1/3 in IGP WINE of Pays de Vaucluse or of Mediterranean.

It is encircled with a natural park called « the Chamber of Loan», an ancient career in cliffs of loam encircled with the threehundred-years-old oak trees which shelters a sea of pebbles, caves, marshes and sources. It constitutes a nature reserve for fauna and flora of the region. Forested environment is a true protection for the grapevine, diminishing parasitical pressure.

* Hills orientated southward turns back to the mistral at a 220-metre altitude.
* The soil is argilo slimy, enriched with ancient alluvium of Durance, composed of rolled pebbles.
* Climate is characterised by big ranges of temperature between nights and days and a short transition between winter and summer. Outputs are controlled between 30 and 35 hl / hectare (average on group vineyard), there including Wines of Country.

Grape varieties

13 grape varieties are represented,among whom 8 which manufacture the typicalness of A.O.C. Luberon.

Appelation Red wines Rosé wines White wines
IGP Vaucluse ou Méditerranée Merlot, Alicante, Counoise, Grenache noir Sauvignon blanc
AOP Luberon Grenache noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Counoise Grenache blanc, UgniBlanc, Vermentino(since 2007), Roussane(since 2008)

Old vines

Currently the domain consists of old vines planted in the fifties, and a majority of older plots of 20 to 30 years. Since 2004, a hectare is torn and replanted each year to ensure the renewal, but also introduce new varieties. Meanwhile work is done on the complantation.